With the glorious summer weather comes the dreaded shine on your windows. It doesn’t matter if you are driving, or just want to sit comfortably at home, those long summer days can feel too long at times. Not only can it give you a headache, but it is a risk for pets and young children, sometimes, you just have to take action. Using a window tint can really alleviate the pain and make your home or vehicle more comfortable. Use them to make the warm times more enjoyable.

A professional window tint will set you back financially, in the hundreds, if not thousands. A more affordable option is one you can administer yourself. The best window tints will last a long time, has the right level of tint, and will help you stay comfortable. Before you spend hours researching the best option, take a look at our top ten window tints.

Best Window Tints – Reviews & Buying Guide

7JNK Networks Precut Tint


An emerging brand but one that has proven popular with its existing customers. Their window tints can be customised to fit your cars needs when you specify the type, model, year, and make of the vehicle. There is even the chance to select your preference of tint. They provide 5, 15, and 30%. JNK Networks will drastically reduce glare and since they are pre-cut, there is no need to make them fit to size yourself. Each kit provides all the relevant windows that come in matching shades. The film itself is of a high quality which is why they have such a good reputation.


  • Kit is ready to go
  • Different tints available


  • Tool kit sold seperately

6Windowfilm One Way Mirror


Available in loads of sizes, this film has a 6mm thickness which is a sign of a quality window tint. Scratch and friction resistant, they are easy to remove, and will not blister. This means you once they have been applied, you won’t be spending lots of time trying to keep it in place. The one way film provides a level of privacy in the daytime and comes with a 30-day guarantee. It blocks 90% of infrared rays out, as well as 85% of UV. With a VLT level of 15%, the glare reduction is also very effective. Windowfilm have created a reliable product that can be used on almost any window.


  • Money back guarantee
  • Scratch resistant
  • Thick film


  • Need to follow instructions closely

5Gila Privacy Black Static Cling


A film that offers around the clock privacy and blocks light effectively. It protects you from 99% of UV rays which is good for your skin, as well as leather seats and the like. It works in the daytime to provide a layer of security and even reduces glare by up to 93%. They are some of the darker tints around which look great. The static cling is easy to administer with no adhesive needed. It can even be removed, and reused. Manufactured in the USA, Gila Privacy Black Static Cling is made by a company that is known for making quality window tints.


  • No adhesive required
  • Manufactured in the USA


  • Only available in one size

4Hidbea Heat Control Window Film


An impressive window tint that specialises in reducing UV rays these static film stickers are incredibly easy to put into place. Not only do they keep heat in when you need it, but they block it out when the sun is a problem. Installation is fast and bubble free. They are also very easy to remove leaving no sticky residue behind. They have one of the better customer service teams available and can handle your queries beyond the instruction manual. for less glare, and more comfort, the Hidbea window film is a great product that does exactly what you want it to.


  • Good UV protection
  • Easy to apply


  • Can be tricky to cut

3Protint Window


If heat reduction is important to you, then look no further than Protint. You can select your level of tint with anything between 5-50%. These window tints have a lot of uses and can be used for your home windows, car, commercial use. The color doesn’t fade which is an issue with cheaper brands and they are super easy to put in place. The free squeegee makes it simple to get out small creases, leaving your window looking great, and keeping out unwanted heat. Protint have made a quality product that will last.


  • Lots of tints available
  • Reduces heat effectively
  • Long lasting


  • The tints come in different colours

2BDF S05 Window Film


One of the go-to names in the world of window tints, BDF’s flagship product is one of the best. The privacy you get only works in the daytime, but the mirrorlike film is easy to administer and very effective. With a silver appearance, it really looks impressive. Only 10% of light will get through making it a great addition to a space where young children are present in summer months. It comes with a free knife and squeegee that makes installation a lot easier and comes in a variety of sizes that can be shaped to fit your needs. The tint is dark which pleases most people, but make sure this is something you are looking for before you buy.


  • Mirrorlike appearance
  • Comes with tools for installation
  • Different sizes available


  • Might be too dark for some

1Lexen 2 Ply Premium Carbon


A model-specific kit that can be tailored to fit the needs of your windows. This is one of the most complete options available for window tints. They have thousands of patterns available to fit a wide range of car models. The 2-ply polyester looks brilliant which is why we have ranked it so highly. It is scratch-resistant and blocks 99% of UV rays. The non reflective film comes with a professional squeegee tool kit to ensure the finished look is exactly how you want it. The kit includes a tint for all windows. Lexen 2 Ply is the most complete package in our eyes. It can be customised to your car which makes it stand out from the rest.


  • Customisable
  • Blocks 99% of UV rays
  • Comes with application kit
  • Looks impressive


  • Can come up darker

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Window Tint Guide

To keep everyone in your car cool, a quality window tint can go a long way towards increasing comfort. With younger kids and pets, they are an essential purchase so getting the right product first time is important.

There is a lot to consider including the amount of tint, compatibility and a lot more so making sure you are up to date on what the best window tints can offer will ensure you get a great product. This is why we have created the following guide, to help clarify what makes the best the best.

What To Look For In A Window Tint

UV Blocking

The amount of protection you get will be important for keeping you safe. This helps to keep the inside of the vehicle cool and protects leather interiors from fading. So for a small expense, window tints can help to maintain the value of your car.

Reliable Fixing

For the window tint to work, it has to stay in place. If you have a baby in the back, you don’t want it falling off as you will have to pull over to reattach it. The better products are known for staying on and there are different types to choose from which we will detail below.

Tint Strength

There is a certain. level of tint you are allowed before the legalities starts to become an issue. The law is different in every and a lot will depend on the type of product you buy and if you are using them when the vehicle is stationary or in motion.

The maximum you can get is 5% which is the amount of light it will let in. This isn’t ideal for regular use so consider choosing a more appropriate tint strength.

The Right Fit

Before buying a window tint, make sure it is going to fit the windows you intend to install it on. Some are pre-cut to fit front windows and you can even buy kits that give you protection for every window.

Scratch Resistant

If you want the window tint to last a long time, it is going to have to be durable enough to withstand a bit of wear and tear. The scratch resistant products are going to be more durable.

How Long Does A Window Tint Last?

This will depend on the type of product and material you use but most window tints have a lifespan of around 4 – 5 years. The climate you live in will influence the amount of exposure it endures which can reduce or increase the lifespan.

How Long Does It Take To Install A Window Tint?

This depends on the product, a pre-cut window tint won’t take as long as a rolled product that you have to measure and cut to size. Expect it to take a few hours and try to fix them on a day where the weatherman says it is going to remain clear the whole time.

Make sure you have all the right tools before you start or buy a kit with everything you need.

Different Types Of Window Tints

This is where we look at the two most common types of window tints available so you can pick the right one for your needs.

Dyed Polyester – A popular material for a window tint because it is affordable and reliable. Also, a lot of people find these easy to install compared to other types.

Metallic – These are strong and durable but are known to mess with the signal of your GPS and phone. The benefit is in the heat and UV protection.

Pre Cut Vs Rolled Window Tints

There are benefits to both and one of the main differences is price. A rolled window tint isn’t going to cost as much so if budget is an issue, this can be a big factor.

However, rolled window tints might mean having to deal with less coverage or try to get them to the right size yourself. The benefit of pre-cut is in the convenience and they can be tailored to your exact measurements.

Rolled window tints give you a lot more to play with and are a good idea for using them on multiple cars.