Let’s face it, if you’re the owner of a black car, they look the best but they are a nightmare to keep clean. The first sign of bad weather will have many owners rolling their eyes. The good news is, there are some quality waxes for black cars. Some universal waxes are also great so whatever you do, make sure you protect it.

A lot fo the following products in our top ten waxes for black cars list will be made specifically for these dark shades, helping to give them a long-lasting shine and protection. Each one is unique but will all do exactly what you need them to – prevent your car from looking dull and downright dirty.

Best Waxes For Black Cars – Reviews & Buying Guide

10Black Magic 120025 2-in-1 Fast Wax Spray, 16 oz.


It’s good to start with something so reasonably priced and although it doesn’t give you the long-lasting protection that some of the bigger brands can, there is something to be said for its 2 – in – 1 formula. As well as waxing your car, it cleans it at the same time and can get rid of light blemishes. The finish gives your car protection from the rain, beading water for a while after you apply. What we like is that it helps to restore the natural color so when you see your black finish looking dull, this is a reasonably priced option worth trying.


  • Waxes and cleans
  • Restores natural color
  • Beads water


  • Not as long lasting as other brands

9Turtle Wax Colour Magic Jet Black Car Polish 500ml


This product labels itself as a polish but because of the inclusion of carnauba and montan wax, it leaves your vehicle with a protective layer and a lasting shine. It’s a great wax for black cars because it also contains ingredients to bring out the deep colors of your vehicle. For anyone with light scratches on their car, a product like this is ideal as it fills the paintwork in and brings the car back to a former glory. There are no swirl marks to worry about as it is easy to get on and off.


  • Ideal for black cars
  • Brings out the dark color
  • Fills light scratches


  • Not for deeper scratches

8Surf City Garage 922 Black Edge Carnauba Wax


When you’ve buffed this quality wax for black cars off you’ll appreciate the wet look that comes with the incredible shine. Surf City Garage has also included pigments in the formula to mask and fill light scratches to improve the overall look of the paintwork on dark cars. The lasting protection comes from the carnauba and polymer ingredients that leave it with a sleek look that you only get with quality products. Keep in mind that it also protects your car from the sun so it will serve you well all year round.


  • Leaves a lasting, wet shine
  • Fills light scratches


  • Other products last longer

7P21S 12700W Carnauba Wax


This quality wax might be a bit pricier than some but that’s because of the quality ingredients such as Brazilian carnauba wax and beeswax. In testing, it has proved to be the best paste type of wax and is easy to buff out without leaving any residue behind. When you’ve finished you won’t find any unwanted white marks on any part of the car instead you’ll have lasting protection and a lasting shine. The formula can buff out light scratches even though it isn’t specifically made to do so, it’s safe to say this product has left a lasting impression for all the right reasons.


  • Quality ingredients
  • Great for any color vehicle


  • Can be expensive for some people

6MEGUIAR’S G18216 Ultimate Liquid Wax


A brilliant wax although it isn’t tailored specifically for black cars, there’s a lot to like in the synthetic formula. This is what gives your vehicle lasting protection, bringing out the deep colors. It won’t stain any of the trim and with hydrophobic polymer technology to repel water, it ensures rain will run straight off when the car is protected. Fine for clear coats as well as glossy finishes and a lot of people like the fact that it comes with a pad and a towel to keep your black car swirl free.


  • Won’t stain trims
  • Comes with pad and towel
  • Plenty of shine


  • Not specifically for black cars

5Turtle Wax T-3KT Black Box Kit


This all in one kit for black cars is ideal for anyone who’s car is new or they just don’t have everything already. There is everything you need to restore a dull black car to its former glory, with pre-cleaner and conditioner to get rid of swirls and light scratches and then use the black wax that is infused with carnauba to help put a spotlight on the black finish. The wax can be applied by hand via a pad (there are two included) or via machine. You also get spray detailers but its the black wax that is impressive.


  • Everything you need to make your black car seem new
  • Comes with 2x pads


  • Not everyone needs the additional items

4Chemical Guys Gap Black Light


The words smooth and shine always come up when you look at what their customers have to say about this product and the numerous photos we’ve seen back this up. Anti-static and easy to apply, has a deep shine that darker vehicles usually find difficult to bring out. The slick finish is unique and it certainly has a shinier finish than most products so if you aren’t after something so extreme and just want a usual wax finish, then stick to a different product.


  • Seriously high gloss
  • Lots of shine


  • Might be too shiny for some people

3Meguiar’s Black Wax – Black Car Wax


A reputable brand, Meguiar is held in high esteem when it comes to car care products. their wax for black cars lives up to expectations, helping you to bring out a brilliant shine and enhance the color of even old black cars. As you wax, the product helps to form a gloss and in the synthetic polymers it contains, it will protect your car from adverse weather. It is effective when waxing with a pad (there is one included) or a high power polisher. Just wash your vehicle before applying the wax and see what all the fuss is about.


  • Tailored for black cars
  • Forms an excellent gloss
  • Protection that lasts a long time


  • A bit pricey for some people

2Chemical Guys HOL_201 Black Paint Maintenance Kit (6 Items)


Chemical Guys are one of those great brands who only seem to make quality products so as soon as you see their name on the label of a black paint maintenance kit, you know it’s going to be worth buying. You get a lot of great products in this bundle including towels, pads, black wax, and a glaze for extra glow. The wax itself has been tailored for black cars leaves vehicles with a distinctive look that lasts and when combined, these products give black cars a brilliant shine. The towels and pads can be used to buff out the wax for a premium coating.


  • Quality bundle
  • Tailored for black cars
  • Leaves a brilliant shine and gloss


  • Not everyone needs all the products

1CarGuys Hybrid Wax Sealant


One of the reasons we rate this so highly is the liquid wax spray is so easy to apply and keeps you mess-free. A lot of users comment on just how long the slick surface lasts, that carnauba shine keeps going even after rain. It is great for any surface and never leaves white streaks when buffed. because it is so easy to apply, it doesn’t take as long to give your car the great finish that only the best waxes for black cars can offer. The bottle is cleverly designed with an easy to hold neck and accurate sprayer and we nearly forgot to mention that it’s made in the USA.


  • Easy to apply
  • No white marks or streaks
  • Lasting shine
  • Takes just 15 minutes


  • Slickness could last a little longer

More products also worth checking out:

Wax For Black Cars Buyer’s Guide

One of the key things to remember when buying a black car is that they are no easier to clean than white a lot of the time. However, there are ways of keeping the slick look of auch a shade looking its best for longer. It all starts with a quality wax made especially for black cars. No other type will do the same job which is why it is important to get this purchase right.

This is easier said than done though, with so many brands making the same promises. Because of this, we have created the following buyer’s guide.

What To Look For In Wax For Black Cars

Easy Application

Although it isn’t usually a hard graft rubbing wax into a car, it can take its toll after a while. Even when using a rotary buffer, it is best to find a product that is easy to apply. A liquid product is usually a good option for this, as a paste can take a while to rub in since the solution is thicker.

Lasting Protection

Another trait of the best waxes for black cars is that they tend to last longer than most. This is where you can make life easier and get longer between the need to go over the car again. Since black cars show dirt more than most other colors, this is always an important factor to consider.

Paint Corrective Ingredients

There are many ways a wax can help protect a car, but paint corrective ingredients can also enhance the look of the surface. By filling small scratches, these products can naturally improve their appearance without any additional prep. Since these imperfections tend to show on black cars more than most others, this is always a trait to look out for.

Water Beading

One of the main reasons people look for quality wax for their car is to protect it against the elements. This means no streaks from the rain or muddy stains. The better products make this possible and again, the length of protection is important here. Most brands get this right, and will proudly display the added benefits including water beading.

Added Extras

If the wax for black cars comes with a buffer pad you should have everything needed to get the best results. Not every brand offers this and an old rage can be effective, but a new, clean buffer or two is always best.


As long as the brand offers enough quality, the next thing to consider is the value. A lot of companies offer a similar formula for double the price so make sure you aren’t paying for an overpriced product.

Different Types Of Wax For Black Cars


The most common type of black car wax, and one of the more affordable. Any blemish or defects in the paint can be hidden using synthetic black car wax and its blend of chemicals work together to bring out the best in a black shade. Sometimes, this type will be blended with other types of wax.


This is better for large jobs, not just touch-ups as the coverage provided from a spray makes it faster. Used as the final stage of the cleaning process they are good for professionals who have a fast turnaround of cars to protect.


Because of its deep shine and reputation for providing superior protection, this is another popular type of black car wax. It is available in a wide range of application options just like the other waxes. The results are usually impressive but be warned, this type of wax doesn’t last as long as the synthetic options.


When applied with a polisher or buffered by hand, this is the most popular variant on the market. Easy to apply, it blends in nicely and can come in a variety of scented options to make the task of rubbing it into the paint more bearable. They last a long time, and most brands have at least one option when it comes to liquid black car wax.


Not as common as the other methods, wipes are easy to use but it is harder to get the same results as spray or liquid. Because it applies as a thin layer, the user will find themselves needing to use them more frequently. Still, the convenience of being able to apply and rub the formula in one motion is good.

Why Use Wax For Black Cars?

Most of these benefits are universal, but that doesn’t mean they matter any less. Here are some of the most common benefits:

Protects The Paintwork

The sun’s rays can have a major negative impact on a black car, so it is important to make sure paint is protected against oxidation. Wax provides an additional layer that stops the sun from ruining the paintwork. This is especially important since any car left out to the elements can show signs of degradation pretty fast. This is why some cars look good as new, despite being 15 years old.

Removes Imperfections

Light surface scratches can add up when they are left alone. Black cars are the worst when it comes to showing scratches and can be hard to disguise. This is where wax for black cars can come in handy. They can fill light scratches and blemishes and waxing can not only show you where they are but help to get rid of them.

Maintain The Cars Value

Any blemishes or signs of wear and tear can reduce the value of your car, or give a potential buyer a reason to try and haggle the price down. Keeping a car looking its best inside and out can go a long way towards protecting the initial investment.

Tailored Results

A generic wax for cars will not have the same effect as a specialist product designed for black cars. Since these contain pigments that work to bring the best out of the dark shades, they are perfect for black cars. The process is the same, but the results are better.