To keep everything behind you safe, you need quality trailer tires. There is no joy in taking the trailer out for an important task, only for the tires to let you down. It’s much better to drive with your trailer attached when you have confidence in its safety.

the following products have been specifically designed to last a long time, be put through a bit of a test on the road in multiple conditions to make towing easy. With a variety of sizes and towing capacity, the following are the very best trailer tires on the market. Don’t put your journey in the hands of a sub-par tire and only use a quality, reliable product.

Best Trailer Tires – Reviews & Buying Guide

10Grand Ride – 2 New Premium WINDA Trailer Tires


These neat trailer tires come as a set of two and feature a scuff guard on the wall of the tire to protect them and ensure they last longer than most of the competition. They are stronger than most on our list and can hold a maximum of 3,042 lbs per tire which is impressive and great for anyone who carries variable loads or larger items. The nylon overlay gives it great traction and makes it able to cope with day to day use.


  • Comes as a set of two
  • 3,042 lb load for each tire
  • Great traction


  • Does not include rims



This set of two trailer tires feature built-in rims to increase the support and strength of each one and helps them to maintain their shape and performance for a long time. The quality of the rubber is obvious which adds to the superior handling and heat resistance. The pattern on the tires gives them an excellent grip so you get to tow your load with confidence. They have a weight rating of 1,820 lbs which makes them capable of pulling both commercial and personal loads. They are easy to install so even if you are not sure how it shouldn’t take long.


  • Can carry up to 1,820 lbs
  • Built-in rims


  • Not as durable with more expensive brands

8Wheels Express – 15


With a weight rating of 1,820 lbs, these high-quality trailer tires are some of the most expensive on the market which makes them less appealing but you do get what you pay for. They won’t let you down if used every day and are compatible with numerous trailer brands and boats and feature a durable steel wheel which isn’t as common as you might think. The durability is better than most so although they cost more, you aren’t going to need to replace them for some time.


  • Can carry up to 1,820 lbs
  • Compatible with numerous brands of trailers and boats


  • Can be expensive for some people

7Trailer King ST Radial Trailer Tire


Another well built trailer tire that is known for its durability, arguably because of the centre groove that helps to enhance the stability and ensure tracking is always stable. Heat resistant for extended tread life and capable of being used from day to day and still last a long time. These popular trailer tires can hold up to 2,600 lbs easily and come with a warranty to protect your purchase. they look great, are suitable for work and play and are more affordable than most products in the niche.


  • Can hold up to 2,600 lbs
  • Have an excellent tread life
  • Includes a warranty


  • Rims not included

6Freestar M-108 8 Ply D Load Radial Trailer Tire


One of the best trailer tires for anyone looking to tow with confidence and can carry a load of up to 1,820 lbs. Most people seem to appreciate the fact that these are reasonably priced but perform to a high standard, with excellent traction and heat resistance. The refined tread makes them extra grippy which is one of the main things you need from a trailer – you don’t want to find it swinging across the road in your rearview. They’re durable enough to withstand many long trips and heavy loads.


  • Can carry up to 1,820 lbs
  • Very grippy
  • Good value


  • Does not come with rims

5E-custom rim – 2-Pack Trailer Tire On Rim


Although these trailer tires are more expensive than most, you get two in a set and these will last a long time. The quality is obvious as soon as you open them and they can carry a load of up to 1,760 lbs. They are compatible with most of the bigger boat brands and the usual suspects when it comes to cargo and utility trailers. Anyone a bit dubious about ordering trailer tires online will appreciate the 2-year warranty that comes with every purchase and enhanced stability.


  • Can carry up to 1,760 lbs
  • Compatible with common boat brands and cargo trailers


  • Can be a bit pricey for some people

4Maxxis M8008 ST Radial Trailer Tire


This quality trailer tire does not come with the wheel but has a sturdy construction that reduces rolling resistance and extends the life span of these popular tires. They increase fuel economy and are known for being strong thanks to the double steel-belted construction. They can carry a trailer load of up to 2,540 lbs which makes them some of the strongest out there and are often hailed as some of the smoothest on the market. A lot of people use them for RV’s and say they perform to a high standard for years.


  • Hold up to 2,540 lbs
  • They increase fuel economy
  • Smoother than a lot fo the competition


  • Some of the tires are older

3Wheels Express Inc. – 13


For anyone who intends to trow their boat, these 13″ boat trailer tires are some of the best value you can find. they come with white a spoke and can hold up to 1,360 lbs. This means they are capable of towing a variety of different sized boats and because you get 5 in a set, these are some of the best-priced trailer tires you can find. This means you can forgive the odd blemish but still expect them to stand up well to daily use.


  • Great value
  • Includes 5 boat trailer tires
  • Hold up to 1,360 lbs


  • Need to make sure you get the right size

2Carlisle Sport Trail LH Bias Trailer Tire


You might be forgiven for thinking these are more of a bargain type of trailer tire but even though they are excellent in terms of value, they are some of the highest performing available. So versatile they are well suited to tow boats, agriculture, utility, and a whole lot more. They are compact so are better suited to smaller loads carrying a maximum of 855 lbs per tire but though the deep groove for enhanced handling and reinforced rubber, expect them to last a long time.


  • Great value
  • Can be used for a variety of towing
  • Deep groove for better handling


  • Can only hold 855 lbs

1Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire


Many people consider Carlisle to be the gold standard trailer tire and in their Radial Trail product, it is easy to see why. It performs to a high standard thanks to the damage-resistant design and long-lasting, and durable tread. You get years of towing out of each tire so no matter what you have behind you, it is a great option. The pitch pattern is variable which means it minimalists noise and comes in 15 different sizes to match your needs. Dependable and sturdy, with added heat resistance, you will find it hard to come across any serious complaints from this quality trailer tire.


  • Durable tread
  • Years of towing
  • Variable pitch pattern reduces noise


  • Not made in the USA

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Trailer Tires Buyer’s Guide

Thy is the sort of product you don’t think about until you really need them, but quality trailer tires can make a big difference to driving efficiency, performance, but are also key to allowing you to tow greater weights. There is a lot to learn before you start attaching a trailer, which is why we have created the following buyer’s guide.

There is everything you need to know included, so you can make a sensible decision. By the end of it, every time you tow your trailer, you can do so with confidence.

What To Look For In Trailer Tires

Hold Capacity

This is an important feature of a trailer tire since you need to know it has the strength to get wherever you’re headed without any issues. You need to match the tires to the trailer and the cargo so if you are towing a boat, you need to know how much it weights. Common weight capacity is around 2,000 pounds.


This is just as important as any other tire as the last thing you want is to be towing a cargo that is zig-zagging across the road behind. Quality tread and grip are important to your safety on the road so be sure that the tires you choose have a reputation for this.


Some companies charge a lot for trailer tires since they are unique products that may not be so common. Still, there is a lot of quality available at a reasonable price. Because of this, it pays to do a little shopping around.


the tires you choose need to have the durability to last a long time or you may be shopping for more in a few months. Of course, the number of miles they cover in a set time will influence this but you want to be able to clock as many as possible before there is a need to find more.


The trailer in question should have a manual that tells you the type of tire that is most compatible, alternatively, take a look at the previous type used to be sure you are using the correct type. The size is the determining factor here, so double check before ordering.

Max Speed

The top speed you can reach safely whilst towing very much depends on what is on the trailer. for example, a boat is going to weigh more than a sofa, and some roads are windier and bumpy which also needs to be taken into consideration. the manufacturer should be able to indicate as to what the max speed of the tire should be with different types of cargo.

Radial Vs Bias Ply Trailer Tires

The two main types, with some notable differences:


Because of their steel construction, running at a 90-degree angle within the inner center of the tread, these trailer tires generally last longer and are more durable. Most of the time, they also run cooler and the tread will last a long time. This means they can cover more miles than bias-ply tires and are more economical thanks to the fact that they have less resistance to rolling.

Bias Ply

The more affordable option, bias-ply, have stronger sidewalls and is made with a nylon belt that is pointed at an angle between 30 – 45 degrees. They should still offer plenty of mileage, just not as much as radial tires. It is easy to see why radial tires are considered the better option, they also happen to be more common.

Best Way To Maintain Trailer Tires?

Because a trailer doesn’t usually get usd as often, its tires tend to get neglected. The best way of ensuring they last a long time is with some simple upkeep, such as the following:

Keep An Eye On The Pressure

This is always a good idea whether you are about to use the trailer or not, but underinflated tires are a hazard for you and others. Not only does it impact handling, but it is also detrimental to fuel economy. Just one underinflated tire ca stop a sudden break from being as sharp as it should be.

As with the tires on a car, always check the air pressure on trailer tires before taking out for the first time in a while, or on a long journey.

Store Them Safely

UV rays can harm any tire, and when left to the elements for a long time, it can cause more wear and tear than the tires should be exposed to. Storing a trailer in a garage or covering the trailer can help protect them from sunlight that can cause cracks and make them look older than they really are.

Check The Tread

Sometimes, the tires will be beyond help and this is where maintenance should make way for a complete replacement. Again, before taking off on a long journey, check the tread. The old penny trick works wonders and any time you suspect they need changing, it is best to make sure. Low tread can impact your braking ability.

Are Trailer Tires Different?

Regular tires are a different size and are not as thick as that of a car for a start, but there are other notable differences. These tires are not built for their traction but have been made to avoid sway instead. Not only this, but car tires are designed to go at higher speeds than trailer tires.

How Often Should I Check The Tire Pressure?

Before going on any long journey, even if you have recently checked the tire pressure, it is a good idea to check again. Otherwise, checking once a month is always sensible. Any time you suspect the trailer doesn’t feel right, inspect the cargo and the tires at the earliest opportunity.

How Much Do Trailer Tires Cost?

This varies depending on the brand and how many are purchased at the same time, but decent trailer tires may start at around $60 and go to over $100 individually. For a set, expect to pay a fair bit more, but there are savings to be had overall.