To get you across the country or just navigate your way around a new city in your RV, there is no better and more convenient way than using a reliable RV GPS. There is more to the better products than just having a big screen but even with more features, you shouldn’t have to pay through the roof.

This is why we have created our list of the best RV GPS systems available so you can get where you need to without having to worry about the quality of your new gadget. There are a lot of Garmins featured which is to be expected since they are the premium brand in the niche. Each one would be a great purchase and can be the difference between sitting in traffic and finding an alternative route to your destination that has been tailored to the specifics of your RV.

Best RV GPS – Reviews & Buying Guide

5TomTom VIA 1535TM 5-Inch Bluetooth GPS Navigator


Some people will find this to be on the small side considering the 5-inch screen but it is worth considering purely because of the functionality. To start with, it is easy to get on with the split-screen display when it is time to exit the highway. This makes it a lot clearer and helps you to find the right lane a lot faster. It uses Bluetooth for its voice recognition so you can use it in more ways than one, even though the touch screen is responsive you will barely need it whilst moving. It comes with TomTom’s roadside assistance feature where you can speak to an expert should you have any issues with navigation. With hands-free calls and lifetime free map updates, you can always stay up to date when you’re en route to that weekend away.


  • Voice activation
  • Lifetime of free map updates
  • Split screen display when you exit the highway


  • 5-inch display is on the small side

4Garmin RV 770 NA LMT-S, Advanced Navigation for RVs


The edge to edge display of this 6.95″ RV GPS features custom routing so you can enjoy a hassle-free trip that navigates the roads to the specifics of your RV. It gives you access to live weather updates and traffic information on your phone and has a catalog of suggested attractions on your route so you can make a quick detour along the way. It connects to WiFi so you can update the maps on the go but one of the best features ifs the voice activation navigation so you can keep your hands on the wheel. You’ll get an alert when a steep hill or other necessary warning is approaching making this one of the smartest RV GPS’s available.


  • Voice activation navigation
  • Alerts you when a potential hazard approaches
  • Edge to edge display


  • Some of the features take a little getting used to

3Garmin RV 760LMT with Wireless Backup Camera


This impressive kit comes with one of Garmin’s most advanced RV GPS systems as well as a wireless backup camera to make your life on the road a lot easier. The display is their standard 7 inch HD touchscreen display that gives you a wide view that you need when the dash is a little further out of reach. You get a lifetime of map updates from Garmin so it will never go out of date and when you input your RV’s dimensions and weight it customizes routes so you stay safe on the road. It features Garmin Real Voice that uses traffic lights and landmarks to help you find your way so you don’t have to search for awkward street names that hard to pronounce. The backup camera works wirelessly up to 45 ft and makes it easy to spot something behind so you can get into a difficult space with ease. To top this brilliant RV GPS off you get access to Garmin directory of RV parks and services so you’re never caught short on a long journey.


  • Large 7-inch display
  • Lifetime of map updates
  • Custom maps based on the size of your RV
  • Includes backup camera


  • Can be a little pricey for some people

2Garmin dezl 770LMTHD


Expect Garmin to feature a lot on any list of the best RV GPS and in the 7-inch glass display of this product you get a sense of why. The quality in this GPS goes beyond the reliable screen and in the value as it comes with a lifetime of free map updates. It has professional features such as a logging area for fuel consumption but the custom track routing is what impresses the most. This allows the GPS to tailor your route to the size and weight of your RV so you don’t drive into a restricted area. The services directory is another neat addition as it helps you find convenient places to stop that are ideal for an RV.


  • 7-inch display
  • Custom routes to the spec of your RV
  • Free map updates for life


  • Tailored towards professional use

1Garmin RV 785 & Traffic, Advanced GPS Navigator for RVs


Garmin is one of the world’s best brands when it comes to GPS and their advanced product specifically designed for RVs is one of their finest. It boasts a 7-inch HD display that is always crystal clean and easy to navigate. One of the most impressive features is the custom routing. This allows you to input the specifics of your RV and it will customize a route based on the size and weight of your vehicle. This helps you to avoid any awkward U-turns. It is so intuitive that it provides you with warnings so if there is a steep curve, weight limit and other necessary bits of information key to your RV, it will let you know. The whole device is designed to take the strain out of finding your way around so you can enjoy a stress-free break.


  • Pairs with smart phone for hands-free calls
  • Built-in dash cam
  • Custom routing for the specs of your RV


  • Takes a little while to learn how to use all the features

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RV GPS Guide

To help you stay on the road safely, you need an RV GPS that won’t let you down. Finding a quality product is easier said than done and you can’t rely on what the companies tell you their product does without finding out about what you should expect from a quality product.

The following guide helps you to find out everything that makes up a good RV GPS. To make sure you get this purchase right so you can always take the easy road home, and not spend time adjusting the GPS, the following should help.

What To Look For In An RV GPS

Display Screen

There is no point buying an RV GPS that you can’t read or have to spend more time squinting at than you should have to. The better products have a screen to match a big RV with 6 or 7 inches being a decent amount of screen space. Because you might be further away from where you can mount it, you’ll be thankful for the extra screen space.

A Quality Mount

A good RV GPS is only going to be worth buying if you can see the thing! The better products come with a quality mount that can ensure it always stays in place. Typically, a suction cup style mount will be easy to use and should stay in place even when turning or driving at speed.

You can get weighted stands that stay in place but are moveable so you can get it to suit your angle.


To get home safely, you need the GPS to have a quality signal and it should be more reliable than the GPS on your phone. This is because they have access to more satellites and you should find it is good to go from the moment you turn it on.


The roads seem to be constantly changing around the country so make sure the product you go for gives you the ability to update the maps, and most of them give you free updates for as long as the device lasts.

The preloaded maps should give you most of what you need but you might end up paying for added countries. Also, it should be easy to update the GPS, as long as the product has easy to follow instructions.


If you are looking to take your RV on longer road trips and cross the border, you need to know it has the storage space to accomodate new maps. Not all RV GPS models give you the likes of Canada for free so make sure it has an extra couple of GB’s in the tank so you can hit the road without having to worry.

Brand Reputation

The better this is, the easier you will find the RV GPS. This goes for using it as well as its reliability, the better brands have often built upon years of experience to deliver products that RV drivers can trust.

Easy To Use

The easier the RV GPS is, the more features you will use. There should be everything from the nearest RV parks but also warnings about height and weight restrictions that are upcoming and some will even go more in-depth by telling you about hazards on the road.

The more filters it has the better it will be for finding your way around unfamiliar places and finding a gas station when the need demands.

Added Features

A modern RV GPS will give you more than you expect with many of them doubling up as a backing-up camera. Some models can connect to your phone and get you online to receive constant updates which will help you to find the fastest route home. Things like traffic updates and re-routing should come as standard.


Being able to answer hands-free calls is important when driving an RV. As long as you are driving within the limits of the law then Bluetooth connectivity can mean you don’t even need to use the touchscreen as some brands have voice-activated RV GPS systems. This can vary between brands and models so check if the product you like has it.


Even if it hasn’t been updated in a while a quality RV GPS will give you access to a world of services and parks that are RV friendly. This can break up a long trip and save you time trying to find a place that can accommodate your vehicle.

RV GPS Vs Regular GPS

Although you can use a standard GPS you may use in your car it is not going to make life as easy as a product that is tailor-made for larger vehicles. The bigger screen is going to be the first thing you miss, as will some of the added features you come to expect with specialist models.

Finding an RV park for a start might not be as simple and the better products will tell you when a weight restriction might be coming up so you can change your route.

RV GPS Panic Button

If you find yourself in danger, a lot of modern RV GPS systems include a panic button that can alert the authorities should you be in danger. This is good if you feel your safety has been compromised.

Custom RV GPS Routes

One of the biggest benefits of using an RV GPS rather than a standard product to make your way across the country is that a lot of products allow you to input the dimensions and weight of your RV.

When it has this information, the better brands tailor routes based on what restrictions might lie ahead to make sure you don’t end up in a difficult spot down the line. Once it has all the details it needs, some RV GPS systems even tell you when a sharp bend is coming up or a steep incline that you might have trouble with is approaching.

This is one of the main things we look out for as it is only available with certain brands.

What Is The Best RV GPS Brand?

There are only a handful of reliable RV GPS brands that are worth considering but the standout brand is Garmin. They have a reputation for making quality GPS systems for a variety of vehicles which is why their products feature so frequently in our list of the best RV GPS systems.