It doesn’t matter if you are trying to get two handfuls of shopping into your car, or you want to get the air con nice and cool before you scold yourself on those leather seats, a remote car starter is a real lifesaver.

Not all products are made equal but we are on the hunt for anything that can make your daily commute more convenient, and of course, comfortable. There are different features available, so read on for a run down of what to expect.

They are never easy to install, but if you lack the necessary experience, you can get these products installed by an expert.

For the parent who needs to cool the car for their young ones, or if you just need to pop the trunk to throw your shopping in the back, we’ve chosen the ten best remote car starters to help.

Best Remote Car Starters – Reviews & Buying Guide

8Crimestopper RS7-G5


Crimestopper will feature more than once on this list, and it is easy to see why.

The RS7-G5 seems to be their flagship product, probably because of the number of features. Pop the trunk, sound the horn, start the car, control your lights and a lot more. There are 2-way twin data ports which makes it a versatile remote car starter that allows you tower on ADS and Fortin data modules.

Then, there is the 3,000 foot range, impressive to say the least. It comes with an LCD pager that alerts you when you are out of range.

This is one of the slicker looking products you will see on this list, and is worth a look.


  • 3,000 ft range
  • LCD pager
  • Multiple functions
  • Looks good


  • Carrying two remotes can be inconvenient

7Directed Electronics Python 4806P


A simple, yet effective system that looks good on your keychain.

When we heard about the near one-mile range of this we were impressed. Still, you shouldn’t need to test it at such a distance shouldn’t but it is good to know it is there.

The two-way remote system does include an alarm so if you are within range, it will alert you of any break-in or theft. The LED light flashes to tell if the function has worked.

The unit is rechargeable and fits nicely into your pocket. Directed Electronics has created a reliable product that offers what you need, without trying too hard. In the 4806P, they have made a remote car starter that is good value, but gives you some great features.


  • Comes with two controls
  • Huge range
  • Includes an alarm system
  • Reasonable price


  • No LED monitor
  • Lack of features

6Crimestopper RS4-G5


A product that has built a steady reputation for providing a layer of security that other companies cannot.

The 2,000 ft range of the RS4-G5 makes it one of the most useful remote car starters available. You can even control two different vehicles with just one remote, ideal for families. Because of this, it is good that it works with both petrol and diesel cars.

You can start your car, lock it, unlock it, pop the trunk and even open sliding doors using the remote.

When downloading the app, you can start your car using your phone, and even locate it in an emergency.


  • Use your mobile to start your car
  • 2,000 ft range
  • Works on two different cars at the same time
  • Loads of functions
  • Reasonable price


  • Some will find it hard to program
  • Range can vary

5Avital 3100LX


For many people, Avital is the go-to brand when it comes to remote car starters.

It’s easy to see why, their range is highly competitive, reliable and when it comes to the 3100LX, great value.

The range is good, although it doesn’t stretch as far as some of the others, it will please most users. Then, there are the functions. You can heat your car, or cool it down with the click of a button. It works with a wide range of vehicles. This is great older cars that lack a sophisticated alarm system because can use the 3100LX for protection.

You get two, three-button transmitters that make things simple once set up, and there is even an LED light to tell you when your command has worked.


  • Two remotes is good value
  • Alarm system
  • Good amount of functions
  • Great value


  • Range isn’t as long as others

4Viper 5706V


A sophisticated product that has a tonne of functions.

The huge one-mile range should be more than enough for most users, but that’s just the start. The LCD interface allows you to set your favourite icons so they are easily accessible. The LCD system has up to 24 functions available making it highly competitive when compared to the better items on the market.

Use it to look at the temperature of your vehicle upon starting so you know whether you need to adjust it. If you are within the one mile range, the Viper 570V will alert you via a siren if your car is being broken into or stolen.

Viper have created a quality remote car starter that is trusted by a lot of people.


  • Intuitive LCD screen
  • One mile range
  • Alarm system
  • Lots of functions


  • Installation can be tricky
  • No warranty

3Compustar CS7900-AS


Compustar have made it into our top 3 for a reason. They have created an intelligent system that has more features than most remote car sensors.

Not only do you get the visual confirmation through the lights, but it can also sound the horn to let you know the function you select has worked. This means you can click from your home, and turn the air con on without even looking. Another great feature is the huge 3,000 ft range. A scope like this means you can click a button and find your vehicle in a busy car park.

The two-way system keeps you updated with what’s going on with your vehicle. You can add sensors all around your vehicle to alert you of an intrusion.


  • Alarm system included
  • 3,000 ft range
  • LCD screen
  • Simple installation


  • You only get one remote
  • Awkward fit on a keychain

2Compustar CS920-S


A simple product but when your car can’t cope with too many features, this is certainly a remote car starter that offers great value.

First of all, you get two controls, each one with 4 buttons. As with most Compustar products, you can start, lock, unlock your vehicle and even pop the drunk. You can even set up an alarm system that alerts you if anything untoward is happening with your vehicle.

The 1,000 ft range isn’t the longest on this list but is certainly enough for most people’s needs. Press down the start button for 2.5 seconds and your call will start, cooling, or heating your vehicle based on your needs.

A simple device that gives you the essentials, Compustar feature regularly on top remote car starter lists.


  • One year warranty
  • Two remotes
  • Comes with an alarm
  • Good fit on a keychain


  • Only works on automatic transmission

1Avital 4105L


The most reliable car starter on the market, making Avital a trusted name.

You get the convenience of two remotes that fit on your keys or in the palm of your hands. The simple 4 button control system allows you to open and close your vehicle, open the trunk, and start the car. What impressed us the most about this model is the range.

When you need to start your car from a distance, this is one of the best. If you are one of the many people who dread the thought of installing a remote car starter, then Avital make it simpler. It tests the voltage of a vehicle hundreds of times every second which means you will not require a tachometer wire connection.


  • Full manufacturer warranty
  • Works with a wide range of vehicles
  • No need for tachometer wire connection
  • Multiple functions


  • Self installation can be tricky

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