It doesn’t take long for cars to collect dirt in all places, including the engine. This is especially the case for older vehicles and if you don’t give it the attention it requires, it can lead to costly problems down the line. You need to use a high-quality engine degreaser to make sure the job is done properly as these are the effective products, yet do not interfere with the electronics.

There are a few good engine degreasers to choose from but, as with any car product, some are better than others. Choose one that is non-corrosive, can remove stubborn grime, and one that is good value. This bis easier said than done, which is why we have created a list of the top ten engine degreasers to help.

Best Engine Degreasers – Reviews & Buying Guide

9Nova Supply – Industrial-Grade, No-Rinse Wet Wipes


With 140 in a pack, these versatile wipes remove grease from your hands as well as your engine. They are tough on dirt but contain aloe vera and vitamin E. They moisturise your hand whilst enabling you to scrub at the engine using the grooved surface, removing grease and tough stains without having to spray with one hand and wipe with the other. They might not be as strong as other formulas but they have the convenience factor and with 140 wipes in every tub, you are getting good value. Plus, after you have cleaned your engine you can use them on work surfaces time and again.


  • Easy to use wipes
  • Kind on skin


  • Not as strong as other formulas

8Zep Industrial Purple Cleaner Degreaser


This shop grade formula is strong as it can be used on heavy machinery as well as engines. They advise you to use a brush to lift stains first then apply so it does encourage you to do a lot of the work but it has been a trusted brand for many professionals over the years. You can use it on shop floors but it is best kept away from painted surfaces, chrome, copper, aluminium, slate, and other sensitive areas. It dissolves grease, making it easy to wipe the engine clean and is great for other small jobs on similar surfaces.


  • Can be used on shop floors as well as engines
  • Dissolves grease making it easy to wipe away


  • Requires you to scrub the corners of greasy areas first

7GUNK EDW75 Engine Degreasing Wipe


They might be a more expensive option than other products but they sure are effective at removing grease. With one smooth side for your hand and another that is grooved to cut through grease, they are one of the more convenient engine degreasers. There is no residue when you wipe, and no scratching so it protects your smooth engine. There is also no mess as you do not need to rinse, it leaves a pleasant citrus scent that does not smell as much of chemicals as other products. They can be set aside after and used to clean your hands from grease and oil when the time comes.


  • Citrus scent
  • Rough side removes dirt and grease
  • No reside or rinsing


  • More expensive than other wipes

6WD-40 Original Spray Can 600ml


A must for all garages, everyone should own a can of WD-40. the spray-on formula is ready to be applied for a variety of car-related uses. It can be used as a lubricant or protect metals from rust but as far as cleaning engines go, it is effective at removing dirt, oil, and grease. It is easy to apply and wipe off, also, once you have cleaned your engine, leaving it with a lasting shine, WD-40 can be saved for another day to loosen hinges, clean allows and exhausts and it’s the sort of product that is just handy to have around.


  • Removes grease and oil
  • Has many uses


  • Not a comprehensive cleaner

5POR-15 40101 Cleaner Degreaser – 1 gallon


This high-quality engine degreaser is non-flammable so it is safe to use. Water-based yet tough on grease it is used by professionals as it is so versatile it can even be used to clean wood, grease traps, painted surfaces and anywhere that grease, oil, or dirt has got onto. It creates minimal residue and is easy to clean off, just apply then wipe over the surface with a bit of force to lift the grease away. Your engine will be left with a new shine that makes you happy to lift the bonnet.


  • Used by professionals
  • Non-flammable


  • Can be expensive for some people

4Aero Cosmetics Wash ALL Degreaser


This biodegradable engine degreaser is great for use on all sorts of surfaces but is particularly tough on grease and dirt. Free from alcohol and ammonia it is safe to use, just apply then wipe it dry as the grease lifts off, leaving a shine on the surface of your engine. Designed to be used on aircraft surfaces, it meets Boeing aircraft specifications and is the engine degreaser of many car enthusiasts as well. It can also be used to clean the tires and wheels of any car and in the 1-gallon bottle, it provides enough to last a long time.


  • No alcohol or ammonia
  • Biodegradable
  • Tough on grease and dirt


  • Can be expensive for some people

3MEGUIAR’S D10801 Super Degreaser


From the trusted brand that is Meguiar’s comes their excellent engine degreaser. It cuts through stains and grease to leave surfaces smooth and shiny, leaving you with no residue when wiped. Pour it into a spray bottle for best results and when applied you only have to smooth the surface over, it really is that tough. The herbal fragrance is better than a lot of the chemical-like alternatives. It is versatile and can be used on the likes of leather seats and various interiors, removing grease stains and leaving whites looking whiter.


  • Cuts through grease with ease
  • Pleasant herbal smell
  • Good value


  • Not as good on heavy grease

2Chemical Guys Signature Series Orange Degreaser


One of the best degreasers because it ticks all the important boxes including value for money, and performance. The professional strength formula makes light work of grease on your engine, tools, rims, and other surfaces, also helping to clean oil spills and beyond. It gets to work fast and the chemicals combine to loosen grease and dirt before you wipe it clear leaving a shine that has a citrus scent. The spray-on method is one of the easiest to get right as it covers a large area and wipes easily. Because it is super concentrated you can use it at full strength on the tough stains and areas, then dilute it where necessary.


  • Strong formula
  • Easy spray-on technique
  • Versatile and has many uses


  • Still requires some elbow grease

1Gunk 6868 5L Ultra Engine Degreaser


Anyone put off by the somewhat silly brand name is missing out, Gunk knows their stuff when it comes to giving your engine a real shine. It’s important to start by saying you get a lot of value in this 5-litre bottle. It is versatile and can be used on engines, lawnmowers, and the likes because it is effective at tackling dirt, grime, grease, and any marks that build up over time. It is a brush-on formula that is easy to administer and does not leave a mess. A lot of people use it on their mountain bikes to make the metal parts look new, and the same can be said for your engine.


  • Easy to use
  • Good value
  • Strong formula


  • Some people don’t like the smell

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Engine Degreaser Buyer’s Guide

Any vehicle that is no longer sparkling needs a little extra love and attention, and when dirt starts to creep into the engine and the parts around it, this can spell bad news. One way of prolonging the lifespan of the car engine, and the car itself is by using a quality engine degreaser.

Some products are better at giving this area a proper clean than others, which is why we have created the following buyer’s guide. By the end of it, you’ll know why these products are so popular, and what the better options should do.

What To Look For In An Engine Degreaser

There’s no getting away from it, sub-par engine degreaser stinks, in more ways than one. This is what to expect from the best brands:


We’re not saying you’re going to be able to pick up an engine degreaser that smells better than your car’s air freshener, but a petroleum-based product can have a strong smell. This is where it can be a good idea to wear a mask or cover your face to help make the pouring a little more bearable. If this is not so ideal, some products have added scent to make pouring it more of a pleasant experience.

Easy To Wipe

Any product that dissolves grease is going to make for an easy application. The smoother this is, the better as it means less time spent under the hood of the car, and more doing whatever you like.


This comes in the form of the container, how much engine degreaser are you getting for the money? Still, it is wise to not be swayed by the biggest and cheapest but go for a mix of a generous amount, and a quality product. Also, consider the age of the vehicle. The older the car, the more frequently you may need to use the degreaser. When this is the case, it is good to have more.


The decision here is whether to opt for or avoid a multi-purpose degreaser since these formulas aren’t always made specifically for car engines. Sure, they can be useful for household fixes and projects in the garage at home, but it is best to go with a brand tailor-made for car engines.

Easy Application

A lot of brands go with a spray bottle which is good as it provides decent coverage, although it can be less accurate and a little messy. It is best to decide which type of formula you feel most comfortable with but most products can be poured or sprayed onto a cloth before wiping anyway.


This isn’t always an option, but biodegradable products are available. These are more eco-friendly, with a formula that will not damage your lawn should any spills find their way onto the grass. Water-based, they are still tough on grime if the formula uses quality ingredients and can often be used on painted surfaces although it is best to check what the instructions say about this first.

Different Types of Engine Degreaser

The two main types are petroleum-based and water-based. They both have their plus points, which are as follows:

Petroleum Based Engine Degreaser

These products are usually cheaper than the water-based variants, and this is because they tend to be stronger so do not require as many additional ingredients to ensure the formula is able to lift and remove grease and dirt. Expect more of an odor, although some brands work to mask this. Because of their abrasiveness, it is important to apply with accuracy.

Any stray runoffs might strip paint or harm plastic surfaces so be careful of splashbacks when using.

Water-Based Engine Degreaser

With this variety, there is less risk of abrasion and the formula tends to be more complex yet just as effective at lifting grease and dirt. Because they are not so abrasive, they can be used more liberally without the worry of them impacting other surfaces so much. this is especially the case since a lot of water-based products are intended to be multi-surface cleaners so they can actually benefit other parts too. Expect to pay a little more for the privilege though.

What Is An Engine Degreaser?

Lifting the hood of a new car beside an old vehicle reveals many notable differences. One of the major ones to jump out is the state of the engine. This is where an engine degreaser can be used. They can bring an engine and other parts (if the formula allows) to former glory, enhancing the look and protecting everything inside.

These products break down grease, dirt, and debris, helping to wash them away. Some leave a pleasant scent, but their main use is for cleaning the engine.

Is An Engine Degreaser Dangerous?

Because of their mix of chemicals and other emulsifying agents, they need to be treated with care. Always read the safety instructions before using, keep out of reach of children, and clean up and spills responsibly.

Does Engine Degreaser Remove Rust?

Although it doesn’t directly remove rust unless it is made with other agents specially designed for this purpose, they can be used to help. There is a certain amount of elbow grease involved, but use a degreaser to clean the bristles of a wire brush and scrub into the area. Start with the worst affected areas first.

It is always a good idea to give the engine a little scrub first to remove any stubborn bits of debris.

How Much Does Engine Degreaser Cost?

A good engine degreaser doesn’t cost a lot, with most brands being under the $25 mark. Some of the best products we have reviewed fall comfortably under this amount so there is no reason why everyone can’t use a degreaser to save on expensive repairs further down the line.

Buildup tends to worsen if left untreated which can impact the bodywork. This is especially the case for cars of a certain age and not only does it help keep this part of the car that goes neglected in good working order, but it looks much better if selling a car.