As many of our readers already know, a double-din stereo unit is about double the size of single-din units. Also known as 2-din head units, this extra size allows for extra features other than just a stereo to be incorporated into it the unit. Some of these extra features can include preamp outputs, video head units, and probably the best thing of all—the large displays that are becoming commonplace in most vehicles. That’s why we’ve decided to review ten of the best double din head units, so everyone can choose the one that’s best for their particular make and model of car and the one that’s best for their lifestyle.

Best Double Din Head Units – Reviews & Buying Guide

10Kenwood DDX374BT In-Dash Receiver


This quality double din head unit from Kenwood not only looks nice in the dash but is also equipped with some helpful features. It has a 6.2-inch touchscreen that features variable color button illumination; it has a solid AM/FM tuner that does a great job of pulling in even unstable signals, and it has a DVD/CD receiver. It also allows for Pandora control via a smartphone and has a 13-band equalizer with digital time alignment. Although the Bluetooth is a little bit sluggish to start, once it does start, the connection is stable and the sound is clear.


  • Has a 6.2-inch display
  • Has AM/FM Receiver with DVD


  • Bluetooth has a sluggish response

9Eonon 2-Din Android 8.1 Car Stereo


This quality 2-din car radio unit has quite a few features that people are looking for out of one of these units and for a price that’s quite reasonable. For example. it can be used for GPS navigation with the purchase of a GPS map card, it has Bluetooth capabilities and has MirrorLink connection capabilities so a smartphone display can be mirrored to its display. It also has a 7-inch display, is powered by Android 8.1 Oreo with a quad-core CPU and allow for hands-free audio stream or phone calls.


  • Has Bluetooth OBD2 scanner support
  • Supports MirrorLink for Android & iOS smartphones


  • Display doesn’t show up well in bright sunlight

8Corehan 7-Inch In-Dash Touchscreen


This in-dash car stereo has several things that car owners are going to appreciate about it. This unit has a beautiful looking 7-inch display, supports rear camera inputs and FM/AM radio, and also supports video output to headrest monitors. Although it can be a bit difficult to install, once it has been worked into place, it does work very well. It also has Bluetooth capabilities for hand-free calling and audio streaming. Overall, it’s a great multimedia head unit that’s available at a reasonable price.


  • Has a beautiful 7-inch display
  • Supports rear camera input


  • It can be difficult to install properly

7Pioneer AVH-X2800BS In-Dash DVD Receiver


This in-dash DVD receiver not only gives the driver of the vehicle it’s installed in the ability to play DVDs and CDs, but it also provides a couple of other features they’re going to like. It has built-in Bluetooth for hands-free calling and audio streaming, it has build-in iPod and iPhone controls, and it is compatible with the Sirius XM SXV300 tuner. It also works with Spotify, supports FLAC audio playback and the unit is extremely easy to install. Although the Bluetooth doesn’t alway automatically connect when the vehicle is started, it’s still pretty easy to add the device manually.


  • Easy to install unit
  • Nice looking 6.2-inch display


  • Bluetooth doesn’t always automatically connect

6Pioneer MVH-200EX In-Dash Media Stereo


Even though an additional 2-din head unit installation kit had to be purchased to properly install this unit, this product is still one of the most inexpensive media car stereos currently available. It can’t play DVDs or CDs, but it does allow for other types of audio to be used. It has a USB/Aux Input, has built-in Bluetooth capabilities and is back-up camera ready. It also has a built-in MOSFET amplifier that operates at 50-watts by 4 and a 6.2-inch WVGA touchscreen display.


  • Has a 6.2-inch touch display
  • Is an inexpensive unit
  • Has a built-in 50-watt x 4 amplifier


  • Requires an additional double-din installation kit

5ATOTO A6 Car Navigation Stereo Unit


This double din head unit provides the car owner with not only great sound quality but also a nice display screen that can be used for navigation. This product features an FM/AM radio tuner with RDS, has a backup camera or dash camera input, allows for Bluetooth hands-free capabilities and can even allow for steering wheel key control if it’s so equipped. Although this unit can’t play CDs or DVD, it does have a built-in GPS module and the unit boots quickly when it’s started.


  • It’s an inexpensive unit
  • Boots up very quickly


  • Display screen isn’t flush but is instead inset

4Pioneer AVH-1300NEX 6.2


Not only does this unit have a 6.2-inch VGA touchscreen that’s bright, easy to read and easy to use, but it also has a DVD/CD receiver that drivers can use to play their favorite movies or music CDs. This unit is also SiriusXM-Ready and works well with Pandora and Spotify. This unit also has built-in Bluetooth and supports Apple CarPlay. This unit is also fairly powerful and has a power output with a peak of 50Wx4-channels and an RMS output of 22Wx4-channels.


  • Has great sound
  • Has built-in Bluetooth capabilities


  • Costs more than comparable units

3Pioneer AVH-210EX In-Dash DVD Receiver


This 2-Din head unit has a nice looking 6.2-inch touchscreen, has 5 different display colors, and it is compatible with both Android and iPhone smartphones. Although this product doesn’t support MP4 or AVI video formats, it does allow for DVD video playback and other formats. This product also has Bluetooth capabilities, so it can be used for making phone calls or streaming music. All things considered, this is an inexpensive head unit that really offers the consumer a bit of value for their money.


  • Is a reasonably priced head unit
  • Has a nice display
  • Plays CDs and DVDs


  • Does not support AVI or MP4 video formats

2JVC KWR930BT Double Din Car Stereo


This inexpensive unit doesn’t have the advanced features that other 2-Din units have because it’s meant to just be a stereo receiver. That means that it won’t play videos, offer GPS capabilities, or allow the car owner to hook up cameras to it. However, it’s this simplicity that makes it one of the better head units. That’s because it does a great job of playing AM/FM radio, CD audio or audio through Bluetooth. It also has a 50Wx4 maximum output power and is Sirius XM ready. All of which makes it a great double din stereo receiver.


  • It’s inexpensive
  • Uses Bluetooth technology
  • Provides great sound playback


  • Doesn’t have advanced features

1Alpine CDE-W265BT Double-Din Receiver


Although some people may not like that this 2-din unit doesn’t have a touchscreen for playing videos or for GPS navigation, is designed to provide the best stereo experience available and it succeeds quite well. This unit features a CD receiver that’s equipped with an AM/FM tuner, so the driver can listen to the radio, play CDs or play CD-Roms that have MP3 music files on them. This unit also has a built-in MOSFET amplifier that has a maximum power output of 18-watts RMS or 50-watts by 4-channels. It also features a 2-line display that’s equipped with variable color illumination.


  • It has great sound
  • It’s a CD receiver
  • Built-in amplifier


  • It costs more than some comparable stereo receivers

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Double Din Head Unit Guide

For a big display in your car that is easy to see and can help you get back to concentrating on the road, a double din head unit is a great addition to any car. As long as you have the space to accommodate such a product, you can unlock a load of features but only with better products.

To help make sense of what the best double din head unites can offer and to take a closer look at what to expect before buying, we have created the following guide.

What To Look For In A Double Din Head Unit

Screen Quality

Your enjoyment will come from having a clear screen that is easy to navigate and has touchscreen capabilities. The less time you have to spend looking at the double din head unit, the safe you can be on the road.

An HD screen that is responsive, bright, and clear is always a good start when looking for the best double din head unit for your vehicle.

Hands-Free Calling

By clearly displaying who is calling you can quickly check the unit before looking to the road again. You can take a hands-free call using the display screen which saves you from having to pull over and can make the caller as loud as you like through your speakers.


The best products will be compatible with more than one device although this shouldn’t be too much of a problem as long as you can connect at least one. Connecting via Bluetooth is a reliable way of unlocking the features on both the double din head unit and your phone so playing music is easy.

Backup Camera

This will include the camera and help for set up but it is one of the best features you can get when buying a double din head unit. Not only does it keep you safe but it is an affordable way of upgrading your car. The better products will even have guidelines to make parking easier.


The crackling radio you currently have can be unreliable and a pain to flick between stations. A lot of double din head units come with HD radio built-in so you can move between channels by pressing the screen for clear radio stations. Because they manage to find the perfect frequency, you spend less time looking.

Easy Installation

The better products will come with mounting pads and all the equipment you need to install it in your car. However, some are more complicated than others so it might be necessary for you to use an expert to install it properly.

App Control

The better products will allow you to take full control of your phone via the screen. This helps to keep you safe and legal and opens up a world of possibilities. Not only can you change the track on your playlist but you can look through your contacts among other great features.

Screen Size

A double din head unit will, of course, be larger than a single unit but how big you need it to be will depend on your tastes. The majority of products in the niche measure around 7 inches although some can be closer to 6.5. Either way, there are plenty of options for all size requirements.

Do Steering Wheel Controls Still Work With A Double Din Head Unit?

This will depend on the brand as it can affect the connectivity. Most of the time, it only means a bit of rewiring to ensure your steering wheel controls work with the unit as long as they are compatible.

Double Din Head Unit Vs Single

Although it might seem as though there are plenty of differences, both are great options for most people. The main difference is in the size as a double din head unit has a bigger display that makes it easier to use all the features.

When reversing, it can be better to have a larger screen but in terms of capabilities, they are both similar in what they can offer. A lot will depend on the amount of space you have in your vehicle as a smaller car might not be well suited to bigger screens. They can both increase the value of your car although a double unit looks more impressive and might be the sweetener the deal needs.

Otherwise, a lot of people opt for the double din head unit for convenience and ease.

Can A Double Din Head Unit Connect To My Phone?

Even if you are installing it in an older car, a double din head unit is compatible with most smartphones via Bluetooth. The most common products work fine with almost every type of iOS and Android although expect to have to dig a little deeper to find one that is fine to use with Windows phones.

Always check the compatibility of the product before buying and make sure you have the room to fit a double din head unit without an issue.